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Like everyone else i popped on Facebook this morning for a quick recap of the day before and found something that I needed to share because it is completely in line with what my heart has been aching over.  If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you may see me retweet every so often a mission or cause that is burdening my heart such as #NoKidHungry, the Solvey Project, and The Feel Good Bakery.  I feel that there is a basic standard of living that every person on this planet should have as they are entitled to and should never fear being without.  No one should worry about food or clean water.  This is something that happens in every city, every town, and on every street on Earth. Someone, somewhere is going without one or more of our basic necessities in life, food, water, or shelter. And sometimes all.

Back to my Facebook feed from this morning. I saw that Michael Kors is partnering with Kate watchHudson and The United Nations World Food Programme in a campaign to provide children in need with a lunch during school every day.  Now, I have been watching Michael Kors for years because they always have a cause that is tied to a product where they donate a portion of the cost to that cause.  This year it is #WatchHungerStop but it is not just one product.  This year not only do they have a Watch but they also have and Activity Tracker, App, Snapchat filter, a general donation option as well as a way for someone to help the cause without having to purchase anything.  On October 15 and 16 participating Michael Kors stores will be handing out free t-shirts.  For every selfie wearing the t-shirt, tagging #WatchHungerStop and shared on Instagram or Twitter, Michael Kors will donate 25 meals.

Activity Trackers

No I am not being sponsored by Michael Kors, The United Nations World Food Programme, or #WatchHungerStop.  I just feel that we should wake up and decide to care for those around us, not by just talking loudly on social media but taking acting and being intentional.  We are all equals and we should have equal access to food regardless of our decisions, station in life, or beliefs.

Won’t you stand?

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*Pictures courtesy of Michaelkors.com


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