Hair at Walk-in Salon with Sean John

I had the great privilege of being put out the other day.  I could not get a haircut for the life of me.  I visited two different salons and they just couldn’t work me in.  Finally someone made my day.  Granted I had to pay for it.

I was offered a sitting with the master stylist at Walk-in Salon on Brookside in Tulsa, OK.  Traditionally Walk-in offers $20 haircuts that come with an wash, blowdry, and style along with an amazing shoulder and neck message all completely wrapped up in the dressing robe you change into when you arrive.  So no wet clothes or itchy hair pieces poking you on the drive home.  A sitting with a master stylist will cost you about $50… but it so worth the extra!


Sean Jean, the master stylist (and as I later found out the new Director of the salon), was hilarious!  I haven’t had that good of a time getting my hair done ever.  He is not only a brilliant stylist but he is wonderfully eccentric.  If you like the knowledge you are going to get someone who knows how to treat your hair and get the modern edgy feeling of a big city salon, you have to see Sean John.

I met Sean John at the front desk where he was very excited that I was going to get “a Sean John experience”.  That man knows how to market.  He’s got a tagline and everything!

He offered me something to drink…even offered something from the neighboring Sonic! Then to the changing room I went. When I returned we took some time to do a basic diagnostic of where my hair was and where I wanted it to be.  He offered me suggestions for cut and color.  Then, he then took me into the shampoo room and I was transported from the dance music outside into soft classical that set the mood for a relaxing massage and shampoo.

The cut was a sight to see.  He has his own unique style for handling hair but you can see that he is skilled and is comfortable in his skin.  He was able to make corrections from my past hair indiscretions and give me the hair I have wanted for years!  When I expressed my frustration with not knowing how to style long hair, as I had had short hair for a good period of my life, he walked me through the steps and explained how the products and the blowdry make the hair!

Needless to say I am very happy with my experience. I came out with amazing hair and had a great time doing it!

Processed with Moldiv
Processed with Moldiv

You should go by and see Sean John.  Even if you don’t need a cut, go by and pick up some shampoo or hair products and help him win a competition this month (September 2015)!  If you do be sure to tell him I sent you!


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