Survive that time of month like a Boss!

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So if you are a girl you know how that time of month can sometimes evoke a great need for a survival kit.  I heard of something that I think could truly make it…dare I say…easy?

One of my biggest pet peeves about that time of month is that I have to go pick up supplies for which one never uses all of and always stashes but promptly forget about by the next month.  I heard about an awesome subscription box on Facebook today that solves that headache and I can’t help but share it with you!

Ellebox is designed to arrive once a month and is stocked with supplies (tampons and/or pads), chocolate, tea, and other various comfort and wellness items.  Can you even imagine what it would like not to have to worry about all of that and have someone thinking enough about you during that time to get you chocolate!

They even have an Organic option!

Best thing is with every box you are helping support a Vancouver women’s shelter.  Worst thing is it isn’t available in the US…most likely due to shipping costs.

Boxes range from $12-$36

Hope this helps some of you survive your monthly visitor. Let me know if you try out this box, I’d love to hear your thoughts! Is it worth it?

Check out this Subscription Box


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