Impactful Caring

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I saw this video the other day and my heart hurt so deeply I had to share it with you.  Now, I have been told before that I sometimes feel too deeply. Sometimes too where it is unrealistic.  I feel so deeply that I would give up everything I had, including the shirt off of my back and the house I live in, for the benefit of another person.  Some say I have no self-preservation.  I say as God’s children we are called to love. We are called to care for one another. We are especially called to care for the sick, the widowed, children, the elderly and for those that can’t care for themselves.

So you might ask why my heart hurt so much when I saw this video.  It’s not that I wanted to help the man…which of course I do. I want to give him everything that he needs to have a normal life and live as if he had no physical limitation.  But the real reason is seeing how so many passed him by without even a thought.  Even those who cared enough to give him money, threw it at him.  They THREW it at a BLIND man.

It shouldn’t take good marketing to coax us to care for those in need.

If you saw a blind man sitting outside in the cold and rain asking for help, wouldn’t you at least offer him an umbrella?


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