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My husband and I had the privilege of visiting Branson Landing on our first night (and then again on our last).  If you have never visited Branson Landing you have been missing out.  It is filled with great music, entertainment, food, and shopping.  Not to mention a little surprise about 8pm each night.

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We had the privilege of sitting on the patio of Cantina Laredo about 8pm that first night. What a surprise we had in store for us, but more on that later.

Cantina Laredo is a moderate to expensive Mexican restaurant on the river’s edge and right in the hustle and bustle of the Landing.  You have the option of sitting inside where there is a large bar and what seemed like two distinctly different dining appearances.  Filled with glossy wood tables on one side and white linen table clothes on the other.

cantina loredo 2 cantina loredo 2

Should you choose to sit on the patio, which I would vary much suggest if the weather permits, you have traditional patio tables with umbrellas. Some of which have lights so that you can see your food after dark, but not all come with this feature.

Our waiters varied on both of our visits.  One seemed more knowledgable about the food and how it should be served but wasn’t super attentive. The other was very attentive but failed to ask basic things like how I wanted my Carne Asada cooked. My advise is to be proactive. If you want something a certain way, tell them.

Once we were seated outside at our little patio table that first night we were presented with the best salsa we had either had in our life, and that is saying something since we are from the South. Vary mild yet full bodied.  You didn’t have to worry that your mouth was on fire and miss the enjoyable flavor.  This salsa was all flavor.  One thing we found out on our second visit however its that that is not the only salsa they serve.  The spicier one is no where near as good and is missing so much flavor it’s sad.  So be sure to ask for the mild salsa when you visit.

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By far our favorite dish there is the Carne Asada.  I made the mistake of ordering something different on my first visit but after one bite of my husband’s steak, I knew I would order nothing else from there in the future (which I did when we visited our second time).

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While enjoying our amazing food and incredible atmosphere the Landing bumped it up a few notches for us.  The 8pm Water show. With a burst of fire we were launched into one of the best nights we had had in a very long time.  Branson Landing brought it!

If you want a place that will make you feel like less of a tourist you really need to visit Cantina Laredo and Branson Landing.

It will truly impress.


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